be[e] Italy

PROJECT | be[e] Italy

YEAR | 2015 

TEAM | Schiavello Architects Office


be[e] Italy is a fashiondesign project by Francesco Schiavello of the Schiavello Architects Office (SAO).

 A jewelry collection, presented for the first time during the second edition of the Trieste Mini Maker Fair, at the premises of the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), a research center that works on the basis of an agreement between the Italian Government and two UN Agencies and where studies and researches in physics and mathematics are carried out.

 This project is indeed linked to the worlds of physics and mathematics; it also combines biology, these all merged through design.

 The goal is creating unique design jewels using model that we can find in nature, starting from the study of natural phenomena and using programs which write codes based on parametric processes. This process emulates biological models of construction, so far indecipherable codes, putting digital manufacturing at the service of architecture and design.

 The design of this creations is inspired to forms and geometries which bees are able to create: endless configurations, characterized by the alternation of solids and voids and by the irregular Combination of 110 modules (honeybees parametric). Jewels which are dynamic by their very nature.

 On the occasion of the Trieste Mini Maker Fair, SAO has therefore wanted to present a project of innovation and design, while denouncing the widespread bees death. Beyond its aesthetic function design becomes a sensitisation and awareness raising tool.