PROJECT: Auditorium - First aid - Mensa - Locker rooms - Public space - Services  

AREA: 6.000 m2

LOCATION: Navegantes - Brasil 

CLIENT: Portonave S/A 

TYPE: Invited 


YEAR: 2012

TEAM : Schiavello Architects Office > Francesco Schiavello + Canhadas Bottarelli Arquitetura

CONSULTANTS: Engineering: Vettor Engenharia de Projeto + Marcos Bremer + Techsteel - Acoustic project : Relacus - Lighting project : Eduardo Ribeiro dos Santos - Air conditioning project : Michelena 

DESCRIPTION: Given the importance that the issue of public space, and the opportunity it presents to the promotion of the city and nevagantes port at the national level, the new project aims to find a solution for a new multipurpose building a building, first of all rational and functional in its articulation and distribution, but also visible and expressive. Our idea is to give a strong sign, simple and innovative, the project has been focusing envisioned working environments, elements of connection and access with respect to the port and highways, as well as its visibility and recognition to an urban scale, the building, the square, the courtyard becomes a means of ideal conjunction with the port and the city, and at the same time a true “gateway to the port” The elongated C-shaped building has a simple composition: the ground floor of the building work spaces are located at the top instead of the more representative and relaxation. The connection elements, stairs ramps and corridors that connect the various functional areas of the building, were designed to have an aspect expressive and representative. ‘s Portonave building, built on only two levels, the upper floor houses an auditorium with a large square covered on time. The building that incorporates some aspects for the context is punctuated by sudden and massive cut-empty, capacitors natural light. On the floor lower than many embrasures illuminate the space below, where the canteen and changing rooms. The mass of the building supported by pillars, urban space and collects you go to put in conte