MAKERFAIRE I Parametric Cardboard box

PROJECT | Parametric Cardboard Box Installation

LOCATION | Roma - Makerfairerome

CLIENT| FabLab SPQwork

STATO | realized

YEAR | 2014

DESIGN | Schiavello Architects office

TEAM | Arch. Francesco Schiavello - Davide Schiavello - SPQwork team

DESCRIPTION | This cardboar box installation was exhibited at the makerfaire rome 2014 , The structure was meant to be realized using the simplest possible means and materials. We used the total amount of 250 cardboard boxes, connected with over 2000 clip/auto nylon fasteners, to finally produce our large-scale 1.8 by 9-meter structure.

The structure was a result of an advanced digital 3d modeling process, modeling with the software Grasshopper