Schiavello Architects Office will take part of the Young Italian Architects 2013 exhibit in Rome. The show is curated by AIAC (Italian Association Architecture and Critic) and presS/Tletter.
On April 19th, 16.00 at La Casa dell'Architettura - Piazza Manfredo Fanti 47 Rome - AIAC the Italian Association of Architecture and Critica_ presS / Tletter will organize a brainstorm with the best 20 studios participating in Young Italian Architects, 2012: the competition aimed at identifying project ideas of young Italian architects who have distinguished themselves for their research, innovation and the reading of contemporary reality.
Each practice selected for the show will be presented through the use of three words that sum up the poetic and conceptual approach to architectural design.
At 19.30, the brainstorming session will be followed by the opening reception of the exhibition Young Italian Architects 2012 at “Interno 14” space AIAC - Via Carlo Alberto 63 Rome.